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Guidelines [Jul. 7th, 2009|05:39 pm]
Evergrove University RPG


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✖ Guidelines and Rules

✖ This is an Alternate Universe role playing game that takes place in a modern-day town.
  • Your character grew up and lived a normal life in a modern environment. They went to high school, they had a family (or perhaps adopted, etc), and now find themselves here at college. No amazing cities of ancient lost, no royalty backgrounds, just normal living. Consider this a break from your typical "oh my god I was brought to some crazy dimension" game.

  • This means that your characters do not have their super powers or abilities and their canon history is adjusted to a normal one. They aren't what they were in their respective anime/game/novel/television show/movie. They're just a normal, everyday university student either worrying over midterms or getting drunk at a local frat party.

  • If you find this entirely difficult to change, I may allow exceptions to this rule provided you explain thoroughly why they are not entirely human and keep in mind to at least act normal when in the game. I really would like to keep the realism in this game as much as possible, so please at least try first before inquiring on keeping something from their canon-verse.

✖ This is a multi-fandom RPG.
  • This means that were are open to all fandoms from all genres. The only restrictions are "real" people, such as actors, band members, and celebrities. All characters must come from an established fictional universe.

  • Created characters are acceptable, as well. However, be aware that when creating a character, you are to be as detailed as humanly possible. Since we don't know anything about the character, it's required for you to give us a thorough explanation about all of their qualities, weaknesses, and strengths.

✖ Due to the nature of the game being themed around university students, this RP is Rated R for adult content and themes.
  • This game is yaoi/yuri/incest/hetero friendly. We're fine with slash pairings, but try not to join with the intention of only slashing a character with another.

  • Please give us an explanation as to why your character is a certain sexuality. If you write Homosexual for say a normally heterosexual character like Isaac Dian (from Baccano!) or Tsuna Sawada (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!), tell us why.

  • Any explicit adult-themes must be warned. Friend locking is optional -- it depends on how much the player doesn't mind letting others stumble upon to it. Keep in mind there are some people here that don't want to read smutty yaoi things.

  • Stay open to the possibility that love has no boundaries here in regards to sex or fandom. But be aware that love/relationships isn't the entire purpose of this game.

✖ Write clearly, thoroughly, and in English. We're not asking you to be a superior English major, but we do expect you to have a decent understanding of grammar and spelling. Literate writing and coherent sentences is encouraged here.

✖ Absolutely NO godmoding OR metagaming. In other words, you control only your own character, and your character cannot use outside information or knowledge held by you if it wasn't somehow presented to them.

✖ Respect your fellow moderators and players.
  • If you seriously are having an issue with someone OOCly, please either bring it to them personally or address one of the mods. There is no reason to destroy everyone else's fun because of a problem you may have.

  • Before you up and leave, please come to us first so that we can at least try to resolve the issue. We're here to help make the game as comfortable as possible, give us that chance and don't just immediately assume the situation is hopeless. After all we're moderaters. We're here to help make things go smoothly for others.

✖ Stay in-character. Please don't be OOC.
  • Even though this is an AU, this does NOT entitle you to completely warp a character's personality. This means do not change bright and chipper Zack into a gangster or chipper Sora into the school bully who swears a lot. This may be an AU, but this does not entitle anyone to play a character completely different from their original personality.

  • The only thing that is changing is their history (with some mild similarities to their canon hopefully), not their personality. We strongly encourage all canon-behavior.

✖ Stay active. We request that characters post to their journals at least once every two weeks, preferably more.
  • Activity checks are run every three-weeks. Journals that have not updated in that time frame will be put on the activity list and given two weeks to update. If nothing is done by that time frame, your character will be dropped.

  • If you haven't updated in a while and you've been on hiatus, you will be IMed/emailed by a mod.

✖ PB, or playerby will only be used for OC's and characters who are crazy mecha robots or non-human characters.

As for finding PB icons I recommend this site. It's extremely organized by male/female categories. Feel free to poke around.

✖ Character maximum is set to six characters.
  • Players are allowed only to apply for two(2) characters per fandom. It's no fun if you hog all the characters to yourself, you're here to interact not write a fanfic.


✖ How to play

The campus has provided computer rooms accessible both on campus at the dormitories. Students or Faculty Members may have acquired a laptop or personal home computer for their own private usage. This means that all journals are entries written in first-person format discussing their thoughts, daily events, rants, activities, etc -- it is their personal journal viewable to everyone in the school unless otherwise noted. Entries can be marked private, friends only, filtered, etc. Feel free to even include what level the security is on any private entries.

Whenever anyone from administrations makes an entry, consider it a public online Evergrove University bulletin board/message board announcement. This means that anyone can reply here and reply to anyone else which can also be replied to by anyone else, and so on, and so on. This is a message board, so everything is visible to all and nothing is private. Leave feedback or comments, ask questions your character may have, muse over your raves or detest of the event, make fun of others – anything at all! Just go wild and have fun with it! Remember to keep all replies as first-person message board responses only. Any third-person/action role-playing is prohibited from these entries.

There are four ways you can play.
  • Journal - Simple! You post in your journal and interact that way in first-person format. This is done in your own personal character journal.
  • Logging - Logs are detailed interaction with other characters written in third-person format. You may also post threaded third-person logs done over IM as well. This is done over at egu_logs
  • Bulletin Board - This is where admins and students alike all converse and discuss upcoming events, make requests to the staff, post job wanted ads, everything that a normal college bulletin board would have. This is also where most moderator updates are condoned. All of this is done in first-person format and played out over at evergrove.
  • Chatting - Most students like to use messenger to keep in touch with students, so conversations can be done over AIM (optional MSN) and logged over at egu_chats

✖ Logging

Logs/Threads are done at egu_logs only. Please follow the structure shown by in the log comm profile.