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Setting [Jul. 7th, 2009|05:30 pm]
Evergrove University RPG


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✖ Campus Layout

Nestled in a small countryside town of Lindell and minutes from a flourishing metropolitan city, the University offers a serene atmosphere of incredible architectural design and comfort. With its green lawns and landmark architecture, the campus houses all of Evergrove's activities, from student life, athletics, and academics to research, scholarship, and cultural life. Evergrove makes a substantial investment in its surrounding neighborhood and offers ways for students and faculty to make community service part of their educational experience.

Administration Building is where the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid resides. This building houses all of the administrative offices pertaining to the university. Financial aid counselors, registrar, counseling offices, health services, and admissions is located here. The president and dean of the university office is located here.

The Student Union Center is located in the middle of the campus. This facility is devoted to student recreation and socialization. A decorated lounge provided with comfortable sofas and plush chairs with provided magazine racks. The wellness center is located on the lower level accessible to students and faculty members where the pool and gym room is located. An activity room is located on the third floor complete with arcade games, ping-pong tables, air hockey, and pool. A dining facility is located on the second floor of the building, providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 6am-9pm. Students meet to attend student affairs, club meetings, and activities and may house the offices of the student government or other student groups. The campus bookstore is located here, too.

Coffee Row is an student-run cozy café house located on the east side of the campus. Students can come here to unwind, mingle, and study in the comfort of a modern-style setting. Events ranging from poetic speeches to jazz are hosted here along with other activities scheduled and arranged by students.

Hours for Coffee Row:
Monday - Friday; 6am - 8pm
Sunday & Saturday; 6am - 5pm

Evergrove Library is perhaps the main focal point on the campus grounds. A research library equipped with the latest computer technology, a wide variety of databases, a law library, music library, and medical library. Leisure and educational literature is provided here. Books are checked out through means of providing your student identification card. The Library's 2nd and 3rd floors have private rooms available for quiet study or for working in small groups. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you plan on using one, make sure to schedule ahead of time with a librarian.

Hours for Evergrove Library:
Monday - Friday; 8am - 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday; 11am - 6pm.

Greenwood is a trendy campus bar and diner for students looking relax and unwind. Here you can either take a seat to order a drink or perhaps grab a decent bite that is better quality compared to that at the university cafe.

Hours for Greenwood:
Monday - Thursday; 7pm - 2am.
Friday - Sunday; 8pm - 4am.

Athletic & Recreational Building houses an inside tennis court, swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball court, and fitness center. The football practice field, baseball field, several tennis courts, track field, and soccer field are located just outside. A communal shower is provided in the locker rooms.

The Evergrove University Stadium is located on the far eastern section of the campus. It has a capacity of 38,000 and population base of 500,000. With its retractable roof & field, is unlike any other stadium elsewhere and a marvel of design, engineering, and technology. The stadium was designed as a multi-purpose facility with the ability to host football, basketball, soccer, concerts, consumer shows, motor sports, rodeos, and corporate events.

Maple Theater is located on the far east side of campus. The theater is a renovated 450-seat picture palace that hosts all original productions run by the University. Theater is presented in all major forms -- opera, musical comedy, plays, cabaret, and experimental theater, along with film. Hosts many of Broadway's top touring shows such as Chicago and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Evergrove University Hospital is a 617-bed tertiary medical center and teaching hospital run by the university's Department of Health and Medical Science. Undergraduate students interested in medicine frequently participate in internships at this location. Medical students and interns also spend a great deal of time here. Subjects ranging for Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Forensic Medicine, and so forth

✖ Academic Buildings

All of Evergrove's academic buildings are located within walking distance of one another. Each consists classes, offices, and labs named simply according to the subject areas taught within them.

Palm Hall provides offices, classrooms, and laboratories for the College of the Arts Department which is composed of art, music, writing, and communication arts. Includes English, Creative Writing, Architecture, Art History, Studio Art, Drama, Music, Classics, Foreign Language, Journalism, Fashion Design, Communication Arts, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, and so forth.

Pine Hall provides offices, classrooms, and laboratories for the departments of science and information technology. Includes Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, Library Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Web Design, Animation & Media Arts, Graphic Design, and so forth.

Einstein Hall named after one of the greatest theoretical physics, this building provides offices, classrooms, and laboratories for all mathematics, economics, and business administration departments. Includes Business Administration, Business Management Technology, Entrepreneurial Studies, Mathematics, Economics, Real Estate, and so forth.

Birch Hall provides offices, classrooms, and laboratories for the Department of Social Sciences. Programs included are Religion, Psychology, Social Work, Urban Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, Education, Criminology, Anthropology, and so forth.

Oak Hall provides offices, classrooms, and laboratories for the departments of political science, geography and history. Programs included are American and World History, Political Science, Geography, Geology, Archeology, Zoology, Horticulture, Environmental Studies, and so forth.

✖ Downtown

Evergrove's picturesque campus is situated just minutes via driving from a bustling, vital, and lively city Aysel. With it's trendy restaurants, chic shops, it's the perfect getaway for the overworked student. Students and faculty enjoy both campus life and the expansive cultural offerings of the city. You can find practically anything there from restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, grocery stores, museums, and so much more.

City Highlights

Ed & Ed's Bowling
A popular bowling alley located downtown. Typical amenities of a bowling facility, including pay one price unlimited bowling on weekend nights.

Regal Cinema
Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) is the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world. A 20-theater sized building is located downtown, hosting many of today's current movies. Whether you need a break or on a date, this is the usual meeting place for Evergrove's students. Discounts are offered to students who provide their identification card.

13 is a part club, part lounge. Spanning three floors including a summer roof deck. The decor and atmosphere are reminiscent of a retro James Bond martini lounge with a futuristic looking upstairs lounge for private parties." 13 is one of the most popular clubs located downtown where you'll surely find many of Evergrove's students during the weekend.

Shady Pines
An apartment complex fairly close to downtown Lindell yet close enough to catch the dart system to get to school. Rooms range from single room to quad roomed.