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Concerning Rush Week!

Alright! Two weeks from now is going to be very hectic! Rush week will take place October 26th - 31st!

For those who are interested for Ωξγ (Omega Xi Gamma) or ΧΨΔ (Chi Psi Delta) please fill the information down below and comment with the appropriate sorority/fraternity "OMEGA XI GAMMA" or "CHI PSI DELTA" in the subject line!

There is one spot left to be a lead for the fraternity, and two in the sorority. If your character is interested in this please add this at the bottom:

There will be one giant log made on Monday with little dividers made for each week! (Like the modeling log.) Make sure your characters interact with the leads! If not, then you will be put at a disadvantage when the leads put together the sorority/fraternity lists!

Also! Make sure to interact with the alumni's as well~~
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It's the most wonderful time of the year~!

ΧΨΔ ~ Chi Psi Delta

Chi Psi Delta is an all female sorority with the purpose to unite its sisters in a bond of sincere friendship for the development of character and the promotion of social, literary, and intellectual culture.

♀ Staff:

Sayu Yagami

Vice President of Communications and Service
Currently Open

Vice President of Fellowship and Recruitment
Currently Open

♀ Rush Week:

Like Omega Xi Gamme, the Chipettes are going to be holding their Rush Week.

October 26th → October 30th

When you hear the word "sorority," what comes to mind? Pillow fights? Big white mansions? Pearls and sweater sets? While that's what Hollywood would have you imagine, in reality, it's not exactly like that. For many, a sorority can be a great way to make lasting friendships, build a smaller community within a university setting, and find opportunities for leadership and service.

Chi Psi Delta is looking for these traits in their pledges: intellgence, diversity, leadership, confidence, and congeniality. We are looking for people who will not only fit in, but contribute postively to the organization. In the future, you will be expected to keep up your grades, attend classes and be present at required meetings. It also helps if you are an active member in school activities and in the community. We do in fact have a GPA requirement. We require you to have a 2.5 or above. Sadly, if you are not able to keep up with your studies than you have no business trying for this sorority. We accept nothing short of excellence and we want our pledges to express that.

Now that you have formal information about Chi Psi Delta, I'll give you a look at the inside. Our sorority is known for being diverse, we're in between being elitist or being humble. Over time we gained the name Chipettes because of how our name looks as all one word "ChipsiDelta". One of our alumni members came up with the name and thus the Chipettes were born. We have long been named a flirty and bold group by our peers. We neither accept or deny. That is up for you to decide. ♥

♀ Rush/Pledge Schedule:

This week will based on big sis/little sis activities, you will be assigned your big sis on Friday October 23rd.

MondayPrincess day: Dress up as your favorite Disney princess and come to the Sorority house for a movie night
TuesdayDress up day: Pledgies will be dressed up by their big sis's
WednesdayKaraoke tournament!
ThursdayHosting day: Serve your big sis wearing a butler uniform
FridayPledging party~

It's that time again~

You guessed it. It's RUSH WEEK TIME!

Ω ξ γ - Omega Xi Gamma



Shinji Hirako

Vincent Callaghan

Currently Open

Omega Xi Gamma is an all-male fraternity that hopes to create a unified fraternity to promote it's ideals of loyalty, unity, scholarship, integrity and brotherhood as it has in the past and wishes to continue into the future.

Omega Xi Gamma will be looking for new recruits (of any year) to join their ranks. We know that joining a fraternity is a big decision, and there are many students who come to college and have preconceived notions of what Greek Life is like, and have already decided that they definitely want to go Greek, or that they definitely do not. Before making this decision, you should take some time to visit the frats and see what they have to offer. Greek Life offers many great opportunities.

When you join a fraternity, you become part of a great organization that is founded on strong social and moral values. Being in a frat helps students learn responsibilities and develop important life skills through holding committee positions, managing budgets, and being jointly responsible for Chapter functions and property. You'll also meet many new people, and create some of the strongest bonds of friendship you will ever have.

In addition, after graduation, you will be part of a large alumni network. These connections can be very useful in the business world.

There is no obligation or commitment. Even if you don't think you're going to be interested in pledging anywhere, check out the Rush events! You can come by and meet people, grab some free food, and hang out - if you are offered a bid and decide Greek Life is not right for you, you are welcome to decline.

After Rush ends, the leads will select from those who have expressed an interest in the fraternity that think they will be a good fit and offer them bids.

♂ Rush/Pledge Week Agenda:

Monday - Quidditch Tournament
Tuesday - Crossdressing for the entire day
Wednesday - Jelloshot challenge
Thursday - Hosting your alumni wearing a maids uniform
Friday - Pledging party!

More to come about this event at a later date!
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Fashion runway event: RUNNING ORDER

I come bearing the running order for the runway event~

This order was determined fairly by assigning a number to each of the names, then running them through the random number picker with an integer of 10. So if you or your muse are unhappy with the order, blame the generator, not me. :P

Anyway, here you go:


① Kio Kaidou | chupasexual
② Orihime Inoue | starprincess6
③ Tifa Lockhart | lockedxhart
④ Tracks | playbottracks
⑤ Vincent Callaghan | suckmyciggs
⑥ Sayu Yagami | whysokidnapped
⑦ Dimitri Rekjavich | russiangriffin
⑧ Kei Myka | heiress_k
⑨ Sunstreaker | arrogantartist

And as a reminder:


① Erica McElraft | [info]hallowed_texts
② Roderich Edlestein | [info]youngaristocrat
③ Aerith Gainsborough | [info]talkstoearth


① Shinji Hirako (Head Honcho) | [info]newaged_jazz
② Patty Thompson | [info]patpatty
③ Mitsukuni Haninozuka | [info]hunbunbun

More information regarding this event should be up later. Thanks for your patience. ♥
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Right after exams there will be a Summer Fashion Runway Show~ brought to you by Mashiro Kuna (a good friend of Shinji Hirako.) She's visiting town once more and (will be responding to you ICly on the signup down below)

She'll be taking roughly about ten boys and girls (for a total of twenty) for her fashion runway show.

She will need about three judges. And people to help run the show from behind (i.e. helping models get their clothes, yes like ANTM runways 8|)


Whoever gets the top score from all three judges will have a one year contract with Mashiro's Clothing Designs.

Collapse )

MOD NOTE: If you see the list exceed over it's limit, you are still encouraged to sign up~ The more the merrier, no?~